Why we ask questions

We need your help to ensure that the information we hold about you is updated primarily in order to avoid financial crime. Therefore, you may have received a letter from us, in which we ask you to fill in a form.

You can read more about the background for why we contact you on this page.  

Fill in the form here

Åbner i nyt vindue

You need your NemID keycard

Remember to have your NemID keycard and a copy of your picture- and address documentation ready. 

Please note that you need to use your keycard twice - to identify yourself, and secondly to sign the form once it is filled in.

Protection against money laundering Questions & answers Protection against money laundering

Why we ask questions

We must protect our customers, our business and society against criminal acts such as money laundering and other financial crime. We take our corporate social responsibility seriously and have consequently introduced new procedures and rules to fight money laundering and the financing of terrorism.

Nordea Liv & Pension and all other Danish financial businesses are subject to a number of requirements under Danish anti-money laundering legislation. For instance, we must obtain some basic information about our customers, because we must ensure that we are in contact with the right person.

We also need to document that we have seen picture- and address documentation of all our customers. This also means higher security for you. 

Questions & answers
Why do I have to give you this information?

We need this information in our ongoing effort in protection you, our other customers, their organisations and society against financial crime. 

All Danish pension companies have to obtain some basic information about their customers, and this is why we ask you to fill in the form.

You can read more about the legislation on www.retsinformation.dkÅbner i nyt vindue and Finanstilsynets hjemmesideÅbner i nyt vindue (in Danish). 

What do you use my information for?

We use your information, documentation and identification to ensure that we are in contact with the right person.

Some questions are asked to ensure that the pension scheme is not used for financial crime.

We treat all the information we receive confidentially and accourding to Danish legislation about protection of personal data. 

What happens if you do not give you the information?

If you have issues understanding the questions or filling in the form, we are ready to help you. Please contact us on 70 33 34 40.  

If you do not answer the questions, it may affect your ability to make new contributions on your savings scheme and receiving disbursements. 

I am not a new customer - why do you contact me now?

We are aware that it may seem odd that you need to give us information and identification, if you have been a customer with us for several years. But you ongoing help in keeping our informaiton updated is necessary.

I already gave this information for Nordea Bank - why do I have to do it again?

Nordea and Nordea Liv & Pension are two separate legal entities, and therefore, we are not allowed to share information about our customers with each other.

How do you contact me?

If you have given consent to us contacting you through e-Boks, we write you there. Otherwise you will receive a letter by mail. 

Ir we do not contact you, it may be because we already have the needed information. Hence, you do not need to do anything, unless we contact you. 

My colleague received a letter, but I did not - howcome?

We have not sent letters to all our customers at the same time.  In order for us to keep up with your answers, we are sending the letters over some weeks.

What kind of identification can I send to you?

We need a copy e.g. of your passport or driver's  license, but you can also send other types of picture-ID, which is issued by Danich or foreign authorities. We also need documentaion of your address, e.g. a copy of your helath insurance card (sygesikringsbevis). 

Please contact us, if you have issues with your picture or address documentation.