Who inherits your pension?

Remember to adjust the beneficiary designation to your present life situation

When we establish your pension scheme, we will automatically enter “next of kin” as your beneficiary. If you want someone else to inherit the money, you will need to inform us.

Pay special attention to the beneficiary designation when you become a parent, married or divorced.

Your next of kin is (in order of priority):

  1. Your spouse/registered partner
  2. Your cohabitee – if you have lived together for at least 2 years or if you expect, have or have had children
  3. Your heirs of the body (i.e. your children, grandchildren and great grandchildren – but not stepchildren)
  4. Your heirs according to your will
  5. Your heirs according to the rules of the Danish Inheritance Act

This list of priority does not apply to children’s pension and spouse pension.

Choose a nominated beneficiary

If your pension scheme is not tax deductible, you will have a free choice of beneficiary nomination.

If your pension scheme is tax deductible, you may choose from this list:

  • Your spouse/registered partner
  • Your cohabitee residing with you at a shared address at the time of beneficiary designation
  • Your spouse/registered partner from whom you are divorced
  • Heirs of the body (i.e. your children, grandchildren and great grandchildren)
  • Stepchildren and their heirs of the body 
  • A person with whom you resided at a shared address at the time when you entered the person as your beneficiary – or this person’s children, grandchildren and great grandchildren

For pension schemes established before 1 January 2008, other rules apply than those described here.

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