Your new pension scheme

Improvements in the pension scheme Want to know more? Improvements in the pension scheme

Nordea and the parties to collective agreements have entered into a pension agreement with Nordea Liv & Pension. That is why you have a new pension scheme as per 1 January 2018.  

Your new scheme has been improved in a number of respects which you can read more about under "Want to know more?". 

The conversion to the new scheme is ongoing over the next few months

As a rule, the new benefits are for everybody included in the pension agreement. However, some exceptions may apply, for example if you are on long-term sick leave. 

If you have any questions to your new pension scheme, you are welcome to contact Nordea Liv & Pension’s call center at 70 33 99 99Åbner i nyt vindue

Kind regards, 
Morten Møller 
CCO, Nordea Liv & Pension
Stay informed

Remember that the app Liv & Pension will always provide you with a quick overview of your pension scheme.

You can see your complete pension scheme and follow the return on your savings. The app can be downloaded from App Store or Google Play.


Want to know more?

Flexible retirement age

New cover for loss of ability to work

Choice of savings environment

Your pension scheme is automatically adjusted to your national retirement age. This is important, because your national retirement age depends on your date of birth.

In this way, you are covered by your insurances until the time of your national retirement age.

Meet Peter Frandsen from Nordea Liv & Pension, who will explain flexible retirement age (in Danish only).Åbner i nyt vindue


Now, your coverage will automatically follow the recommendations of Nordea Liv & Pension – also when your salary changes.

Meet Susanne Schau from Nordea Liv & Pension, who will explain your new cover (in Danish only).Åbner i nyt vindue

If you have chosen a higher coverage than we recommend, you will, however, maintain your existing high cover.

Please note that if you do not want the automatic adjustment, you will need to deselect it yourself.

Read about how to deselect automatic adjustment.Åbner i nyt vindue

You maintain your current choice of savings environment, regardless if you have Pension med gennemsnitsrente, VækstPension or LinkPension.

And for VækstPension and LinkPension you also maintain the risk profile you chose.

The life insurance cover is higher for some employees

Compensation in connection with job capacity assessment

New cover for certain critical illnesses

In the new scheme, your survivors will always be paid both your pension savings and your life insurance cover if you die before retiring.

If your pension savings is placed in Pension med gennemsnitsrente, you may – in the previous pensions scheme – have had a coverage that in case of death before retirement only paid the largest amount of either the chosen death cover or the pension savings.

If you had this cover and also had a life insurance cover larger than the scheme's mandatory coverage of 100 per cent. of your annual salary, you should decide if it still fits your need for your life insurance cover.



If you fall ill and take part in the job capacity assessment arranged by your municipality, you will have an extra security that is now integrated in your pension scheme.

Typically, this means that your financial situation will not change if your take part in the job capacity assessment or vocational rehabilitation programme.

You see, we have chosen to compensate you if your municipality will reduce its disbursement with the amount of money that you receive from Nordea Liv & Pension. However, the disbursement will not exceed your previous salary.

Because it is not only adults who fall critically ill, your children will from now on also be covered for critical illness with a lump sum benefit of DKK 50,000.

Meet Susanne Schau from Nordea Liv & Pension, who will explain the new cover for certain critical illnesses (in Danish only).Åbner i nyt vindue


Simplification of children’s pension

If you have been dually covered until now, your cover will change:

With your new pension scheme the children’s pension will only be disbursed once in case your child(ren) should lose both parents. The amount saved by only having one cover now will be added continuously to your pension savings.