Pension with average interest rate - obtain the greatest security possible of your savings

By choosing a pension with average interest rate (Pension med gennemsnitsrente) you need not worry about market fluctuations or simple considerations about investment. On the other hand, your options of a high return are limited.

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By choosing Pension med gennemsnitsrente you will know the size of your monthly pension disbursement.

You will receive:

  • Security and stability above all – a minimum of involvement from you
  • Overview of your future pension disbursements
  • Professional, active investment as a basis of the interest rate
  • Disbursement made as annuity pension or Livrente+.

With your Pension med gennemsnitsrente your pension savings are carrying interest based on the shared investment pools of Nordea Liv & Pension. The pool investments are placed in allocations of bonds, real estate, shares and alternative investments – such as forest and private equity. Your pension savings are linked to one of the pools depending on the interest rate contribution group in which your pension scheme has been placed.

Read more about the investments in Pension med gennemsnitsrente (in Danish).

With your Pension med gennemsnitsrente there is no risk that you lose your future pension disbursements already agreed.

Return and interest

Return and interest

Our investment experts will obtain the best possible return based on the relatively safe investments of the pools. The return will be the basis of the interest rate on your pension savings. 

The interest carried is called the rate of interest on policyholders' savings and we will fix the interest rate every month.

See the present interest rate hereÅbner i nyt vindue (in Danish). 



The most recent APR (annual percentage rate) for investment costs calculated for the average corporate customer amounts to approximately  0,51 per cent for 2016.

Besides the fee charged for investment costs, there are also the direct costs of administrating your pension scheme. Your total APR will depend on you savings, how your corporate pension agreement is composed etc.

You will be able to see your total costs calculated in AAR (annual amount rate) and APR on NetpensionÅbner i nyt vindue. Be aware that Netpension is in Danish. As always, you are welcome to contact us.

In Pension med gennemsnitsrente there are two types of costs:

1) Direct costs deducted from your pension scheme

2) Indirect costs consisting of investment costs, a risk margin and an interest rate differential that will be deducted from the shared reserves.

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