HøjrentePension – receive a stable return without personal involvement

By choosing HøjrentePension you need not worry about the ups and downs of the financial markets. Security is provided by the average interest rate as we even out the good and bad years on the financial markets. Also, you have an opportunity to obtain a higher return because we are able to invest more freely in traditional average interest rate.

Overview Investment Return and interest Costs Overview


By choosing HøjrentePension you are provided with a stable return at a limited risk.

You will receive:

  • Professional investing of your savings via our shared investment pool
  • Earn interest on your savings at a rate of interest
  • A given savings balance when you retire
  • Disbursements made as annuity pension or Livrente+.

When you have HøjrentePension, your pension savings are part of the shared investment pool for interest rate group 0 in Nordea Liv & Pension. The pool’s investments are placed in bonds, real estate, shares and alternative investments like forest, private equity etc.

Read more about the investments in HøjrentePension Åbner i nyt vindue(in Danish).

We have agreed on the smallest savings balance that you can have at the agreed time of retirement. The savings balance can only be reduced in case of new legislation with a financial consequence to our agreement.

When you request disbursement of your pension savings, we will decide on the size of your disbursements. These can only be reduced in case of new legislation with a financial consequence to our agreement.

Return and interest

Return and interest

Our investment experts will obtain the best possible return and focus on safe investments. The return will be the basis of the interest rate on your pension savings.

The interest carried is called the rate of interest on policyholders' savings. The rate of interest can be modified with effect from the first day in a month without any specific notice.

See the current rate of interest hereÅbner i nyt vindue



The APR (annual percentage rate) for investment costs on interest rate group 0 is expected to be 0.41% for 2016.

Besides the fee charged for investment costs, there is also the direct cost of administrating your pension scheme. Your total APR will depend on you savings, how your corporate pension agreement is composed, etc.

You will be able to see your total costs calculated in AAR (annual amount rate) and APR on NetpensionÅbner i nyt vindue.

In HøjrentePension there are two types of costs: 

1) Direct costs which are deducted from your pension scheme

2) Indirect costs consisting of investment costs, a risk margin and an interest rate differential by which the fixed rate of interest has been reduced

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