With 5 percent interest and a low risk, DinKapital is a great benefit for your savings. 

You can invest up to five percent of your future payments to your savings account at VækstPension, LinkPension or HøjrentePension in DinKapital.

DinKapital Investment Returns and Interests Costs Terms DinKapital

With DinKapital you get

  • Five percent of your payments to your VækstPension, LinkPension or HøjrentePension is invested in DinKapital. The interest rate is set once a year, but can be changed on a monthly basis.  
  • The possibility to get DinKapital on all of your savings. If you have savings elsewhere, you can see how to consolidate them here 
  • The same terms and conditions apply for taxation and disbursement as in your other pension schemes. Disbursement is conditioned by Nordea Liv & Pension fulfilling the solvency demands as required by law - if not, the disbursement of DinKapital will be delayed until the requirements are met.

Five percent of your payments to VækstPension, LinkPension eller HøjrentePension is invested in DinKapital; you get an attractive and stabile return with low risk. DinKapital is a part of Nordea Liv & Pension's  basic capital (basiskapital) and therefore is a security for customers' savings. Read more about this in ”More about risk"

Technically, DinKapital is a part of Nordea Liv & Pension's basic capital (basiskapital) as "subordinated capital". This means that before DinKapital has to cover a possible loss, Nordea Liv & Pension must lose all the joint reserves, all equity and prefixed capital. This hasn't happened in the 150-year-long history of the company and it has never happened to a Danish life insurance company.

Returns and Interests

Returns and interest rates

You are as a customer part of building up capital in Nordea Liv & Pension when you chose DinKapital. That is why you get a competitive return and low risk.

You will get a stabil interest rate, which currently is at five percent. The interest rate is set once a year, but can be changed on a monthly basis.



The APR (annual percentage rate) for investment costs is 0% for 2016.

Besides the fee charged for investment costs, there is also the direct cost of administrating your pension scheme. Your total APR will depend on you savings, how your corporate pension agreement is composed, etc.

You will be able to see your total costs calculated in AAR (annual amount rate) and APR on Netpension.


Insurance terms

Find the General Insurance Terms of DinKapital here (pdf, 19 KB)Åbner i nyt vindue

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