Retirement savings – receive your pension savings to suit you precisely

By choosing retirement savings you can have all your pension savings disbursed on the day you retire or in small instalments over a number of years. You are provided with full flexibility to decide what suits you best.

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By choosing retirement savings you are provided with extra options.

You will receive:

  • A good supplement to any other pension savings you may have
  • Disbursement as a lump sum payment or in instalments – your choice
  • Possibility of contributing up to DKK 28,900 annually (2017)
  • Tax-free and duty-free disbursement at the time of retirement


Pension contributions

You cannot deduct your contributions from the taxable income. 

Your pension yield is taxed by 15.3%.

Please note that you can establish the retirement savings no later than 15 years before your earliest retirement age.


The disbursement is free of tax and duty if your savings are disbursed no more than 5 years before the public retirement age.

Should you request a disbursement of your retirement savings prematurely (entirely or partially), a taxation of 20% applies as well as a fee to us.



Your family will receive your pension savings if you die before the savings have been disbursed entirely or partially – whether you have retired or not.

The disbursement is free of tax and duty. If your spouse or registered partner is your beneficiary, he or she will not have to pay inheritance tax.

You can provide yourself and your relatives with a stronger safety net by adding further insurances – for example, a children’s pension or a disability pension

At the moment, we offer the retirement savings if you already have a corporate pension scheme. Call us if you want to know more about your exact options.

We currently offer retirement savings for employees with a company pension scheme. Call us, if you want to know more about your options.

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