Health insurance - Gain quick access in case of illness and accident

You will gain quick access to treatment and any expense you may incur due to preliminary examinations, operations, rehabilitation etc. will be covered. If your corporate pension scheme has been established with us, you can establish the health insurance directly with us. Please contact Tryg or your bank adviser at Nordea if you want to establish a private health insurance. 

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With a health insurance your life will not be on stand-by

You will receive:

  • Extra focus on your health
  • Quick access to leading specialists
  • A second opinion
  • Possibility of extending the insurance to also cover your family, for instance


The insurance will cover if you become ill or have an accident. You may also insure your spouse/cohabitee and your children

You will be provided with access to Tryg’s network of treatment providers and private hospitals in the Nordic countries as well as Germany – and your expenses will be covered in case of:

  • Preliminary examinations
  • Operations
  • Rehabilitation
  • Second opinion
  • Pain assessment
  • Examination for allergies
  • Immediate crisis counselling 24 hours a day

You may choose to extent the cover of the health insurance.

Please contact Tryg directly in case you need your health insurance.

The entire or parts of the insurance premium will be taxable according to the tax rules in force.

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