Customer group life – basic, financial security if an accident should happen

Customer group life will provide you with an ordinary cover which will give you basic security in case of illness or an accident. Typically, customer group life is of interest if your employer has not secured you with a pension scheme offering you insurance in the event of death, disability and certain critical illnesses.

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Customer group life will provide you and your family with basic financial help if you become ill or die before you retire.

You will receive:

  • Basic security for you and your family
  • Disbursement of cash payment to your surviving relatives if you die before retiring
  • Possibility of choosing disbursement of cash payment in the event of permanent disability
  • Possibility of choosing cover for certain critical illnesses

You may also secure your spouse/cohabitee with customer group life



By choosing customer group life your family will be secured with a cash payment if you die before reaching the retirement age. You may choose life cover or life cover with the additional choice of disability lump sum benefit and cover for certain critical illnesses.

Please note that disbursements from customer group life are standard sums, which cannot be customised individually. If the disbursements will not cover your needs, you should consider supplementing or replacing customer group life with another insurance product – for example, individual life insurance and disability pension.

Possible disbursements are tax-free and your contributions to customer group life are not tax-deductible.

Individual additional choices

You can choose to add disability lump sum benefit and cover for certain critical illnesses to your customer group life.

Disability pension

If you choose to add disability lump sum benefit, you will receive a cash payment if your ability to work is permanently reduced to 1/3 or less. We will reduce the cover regularly by 1/15 per year from you are 51 until 65 years (2016). What this actually means is that your insurance will cease to apply at the end of the quarter when you become 65 years (2016).

Cover for critical illnesses

By choosing certain critical illnesses you will receive a lump sum benefit if you become ill and diagnosed with one of the certain critical illnesses listed. The disbursement may help you and your family with the extra costs in connection with your illness or you may choose to make your life easier during a difficult time.

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