Cover for loss of ability to work

Nordea-pension-internYour disability pension will automatically follow Nordea Liv & Pension’s recommendation regarding the size of the cover, also when your salary changes.

If you have chosen a cover that is higher than Nordea Liv & Pension recommends, you will maintain your previous cover. If you have no need for the automatic adjustment and only want to continue your previous cover, it will be possible to deselect the model. However, a cover of 40 percent of your salary is required as a minimum.

If you want to be excluded from the automatic adjustment, you have to submit an e-mail from your work e-mail address to kd.aedron@noisnepredjebradem and enter the text ’Lønskala – nej tak’ (Salary scale – no thank you) in the in the subject field. In the e-mail you must state ’Jeg ønsker at fravælge lønskala. Mit er xxxxxx-xxxx’ (I want to be excluded from salary scale. My civil registration number is xxxxxx-xxxx’).

Please note that it is only possible to deselect the model after you have received notice that your new pension scheme is in effect.

The change back to the previous cover will take place from the first day of the month after we have received your submitted acceptance.