When will you have processed my claim?

We all know that waiting is difficult when you want important questions such as insurance and pension to be addressed and resolved. On the other hand, it is essential that we handle all enquiries thoroughly and correctly.

When you contact us, you may generally expect us to look at your information as quickly as possible. The subsequent procedure depends on the type of information you have submitted.  


How long does it take?

Right now, we are exceptionally busy helping our many customers, and we are making a dedicated effort to reduce our claims processing times.
Your claim may currently be expected to be finalised within 30 days, but it will typically take less. If we need health information, for example, it will typically take longer to process your claim.

We will notify you if the assessment of your claim exceeds the normal processing time.


Your contact details

We will send you an ordinary letter if you have not accepted receiving mail from us in an e-Boks account. You can check on e-Boks whether you already receive mail from us through this channel by searching for Nordea Liv & Pension. If not, it is easy to sign up.

In some situations, we may also need to call you or send an e-mail to ensure a faster response. If we do not have your phone number and your e-mail address, you can update your contact details via the Liv & Pension app and in Netpension (in Danish).