How to complain

It is essential to us that you and our other customers are satisfied with our services and our terms and conditions. If we make an error, we will obviously admit it. We correct our errors as quickly as possible, and we learn from them so that we can improve.

That’s why complaints handling is a high priority.
If you disagree with one of our decisions or for other reasons wish to complain about Nordea Liv & Pension, you have multiple options for having your claim considered.

Have we misunderstood anything?

Sometimes it may just be a misunderstanding. Or perhaps new information has emerged regarding your claim that we did not take into consideration to begin with.

So you should always contact us directly. We are always ready to talk. And if disputes can be solved in this way, it is easier and faster for everyone concerned.

Complaints procedure

If you are still not satisfied, you have two options for having your claim reviewed:

1: Contact the complaints officer at Nordea Liv & Pension

Ask us to forward your claim to the complaints officer at Nordea Liv & Pension. Or submit your complaint to:

Nordea Liv & Pension
Klageansvarlig (complaints officer)
Lautrupvang 10
2750 Ballerup
E-mail: kd.aedron@pln.gilravsnaegalk

2: Obtain an impartial assessment by the Danish Insurance Complaints Board

If you would like an impartial assessment of your claim, you may contact the Danish Insurance Complaints Board. The board considers complaints about all types of insurance. To have your complaint considered, you must be able to document that we do not agree with you. Read more at www.ankeforsikring.dkÅbner i nyt vindue.

You can submit a complaint online, or you can download and print a complaints form on www.ankeforsikring.dkÅbner i nyt vindue Filing a complaint with the Danish Insurance Complaints Board is subject to a fee of DKK 200.

Website: To obtain further information and download the complaints form, go to www.ankeforsikring.dkÅbner i nyt vindue. Information is also available about previous decisions made by the Danish Insurance Complaints Board.