Erhvervspension - financial security if you are self-employed

Erhvervspension is a flexible pension scheme if you are a self-employed owner of a business. And the scheme matches both your and your employees’ needs. You benefit from special rates for insurance cover, low costs and limited requirements for health details.


  • You obtain greater financial freedom in your retirement.
  • You protect yourself and your family financially if you fall ill or die before you retire.
  • You can set up health insurance with Tryg.
  • Each year you can pay up to 30% of the profits of your business into the scheme with full deductibility in the income year.
  • You only pay 15.3% in tax on pension returns whereas returns under the Danish business taxation scheme are taxed at 22%.

Are you a farmer? LandmandsPension is a pension scheme offered by the Danish Agriculture & Food Council. Read more about your advantages here: LandmandsPension.dkÅbner i nyt vindue.

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Group schemes offer favourable terms

Erhvervspension is a group scheme. You benefit from low administration costs, insurance cover matching your needs as well as advantageous health insurance cover.

Erhvervspension for self-employed persons is also available for your employees and at the same rates as you. You decide whether you will pay for part of the scheme or whether your employees pay the full contribution. Your assisting spouse can also have the same scheme.

Pay up to 30% of your profits into the scheme 
When you pay contributions to your pension savings, around half is used for insurance cover and the other half for pension savings. You pay a fixed amount, but you can always pay more – up to 30% of the profits of your business – to make the most of your tax advantages. 

Note that there are different options for different types of companies. If you have a limited company or a private limited company, you can make contributions to your pension scheme via your gross salary. In other cases you will obtain a personal tax deduction for your contributions.

Simple solution

A simple and easy-to-understand pension product

Your adviser can help you set up the right pension solution. Then we will deal with all the practical aspects. Do you have a pension scheme with another pension provider? We will help you with the transfer so you can consolidate your pension schemes with us.

Contact your adviser if you fall ill, if you want to change your scheme or if your employees wish to join the scheme.


Attractive investment opportunities

You can invest your pension savings in two ways:

VækstPension is a good choice if you prefer maximum returns with minimal involvement. We manage your investments and ensure the optimal investment process, by balancing the risk in relation to your age throughout your life.

LinkPension is a good choice if you prefer to invest your pension savings in the equity and bond markets yourself. You can benefit from high returns, but you also run the risk of losses.


Benefit from extra advantages through our partners

Benefit from extra advantages through our partners

Nordea, Tryg and Nordea Liv & Pension work together to offer a complete solution in insurance, pensions and financial advice. Contact your adviser about the options available to you. 

For example, you can set up health insurance with Tryg. You will be diagnosed and treated quickly if you fall ill or are injured. You gain access to doctors, psychologists and other health care professionals. And the cover comprises your expenses for examinations, medication, rehabilitation and treatment prescribed by a doctor at a private hospital of your choice in Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland. You can include your spouse, cohabitant or your children. You will be covered by your health insurance both while you are at work and in your free time.

Your social guidance team is available to provide free and anonymous advice. Get clear answers to questions about early retirement rules, sickness benefits, family and inheritance law, stress, abuse etc. Our advisers provide a quick and easy-to-understand overview of the rules and your options.

Insurance cover to meet your needs

Erhvervspension can be combined with various types of insurance cover:

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