We are there when you need us

Family at the dock

We provide attractive pension solutions to more than 300,000 people in Denmark. It is essential for your financial security and your opportunities – both while you work and when you retire. That’s why we are curious about who you are and how you live your life. In this way we can ensure that your pension scheme fits you and your needs.

Clear messages and clear recommendations

As a pension provider we are part of the life stories of many of our customers – their working lives, in life crises and through their old age. This makes demands on us, our financial performance and especially our advice. And it requires clear messages. Clear messages about opportunities and solid recommendations. And clear messages about trends and developments. 

Advice is our core service and we set high standards for our advisers in terms of their skills, their knowledge of people and their integrity. Every day we talk to people in all kinds of situations: young families with small children, singles, blended families and mature parents whose children have left home. People starting their working lives, people leaving the job market, people in happy situations, facing crises or at a turning point. It’s all about people. We are explicit in our recommendations while always focusing on the individual’s situation, wishes and needs.