Healthy Business

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At Nordea Liv & Pension we see health as an engine for developing people and organisations. 

Since 2009 we have worked to build a healthy, attractive workplace for our employees. This has fostered new social communities, stronger networks across the organisation, much more energy, greater job satisfaction and pride as well as a steady decline in sickness absence.

Against this background we have built a solid base of experience for inspiration about health and energy. And since 2010 we have shared our experiences, knowledge and tools with other businesses. As a pension provider we play a role as businesses evolve and grow. As part of our commitment to healthy business, we make our experiences and knowledge available to other organisations that believe in a direct relationship between attractive, healthy workplaces and energy, the power of innovation and productivity.  

Read more about healthy business at sundforretning.nuÅbner i nyt vindue (in Danish)

Contact our Corporate Health Manager 

Do you want to know more about healthy business? Contact Nordea Liv & Pension's Corporate Health Managerkd.aedron@rellom-tdomirf.anin