We are part of the Nordea Group, the leading financial services group in the Nordic region. This is part of our financial foundation.

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Our CEO at Nordea Liv & Pension is Steen Michael Erichsen

Steen Michael Erichsen joined as CEO of Nordea Liv & Pension in 2008 after holding a position as head of sales at Nordea Liv & Pension. He holds a diploma as a commercial underwriter in non-life and pension insurance. He has held a number of management positions in the insurance and pensions industry. He has also held the position as head of education at the Danish Insurance Academy. Steen Michael Erichsen’s educational background includes London Business School and he holds a Links from INSEAD. He is also a member of the board of directors of the Danish Insurance Association. 

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Board of directors

Board of directors

The board of directors of Nordea Liv & Pension consists of a chairman and ten members, three of whom are elected by the employees of Nordea Liv & Pension.


Johan Nystedt, CEO, Nordea Life Holding


Peter Gæmelke, professional board member, chosen by Norliv
Kent Petersen, chairman of Finansforbundet, chosen by Norliv  
Hanna Jacobsson, CFO, Nordea Life Holding
Michael Frisch, bank managing director, Nordea Danmark 
Mads Skovlund Pedersen, bank managing director, Nordea Danmark 
Hans Arnum, bank managing director, Nordea Danmark   
Bent Tjørnemark, external board member, chairman of Revisionsudvalget  

Employee-elected members

Per Lyngh Sørensen
Peter Thomsen
Bettina Biel-Courtney
Anne Marie Nielsen



One of the purposes of Nordea Liv & Pension’s remuneration policy is to support our ability to recruit, develop and retain highly motivated and professional employees.

For information about remuneration at Nordea Liv & Pension, including the remuneration principles for the Executive Management, read more here: Information about remuneration (pdf, 208 KB)Åbner i nyt vindue(in Danish).

For additional information about remuneration at Nordea, read more here: Nordea remunerationÅbner i nyt vindue